Tuesday, February 28, 2006
posted by PabloPabla at 3:33 pm

All the hoo haa about the petrol subsidy again! Today, the Govt has just increased the petrol and diesel prices per litre. Many, if not all, are complaining that the Govt. should not have done so because it is affecting their livelihood. Suddenly, we have many "Finance Ministers" giving their views how things should have been managed. The fact remains that any increase in fuel prices affects all citizens of Malaysia. No one is exempted. I beg to differ but I believe that as the years go by, prices of goods (and services) increase, not just in Malaysia but worldwide. It is all part and parcel of life.

I am not in favour or against the price increase. I expect it to happen sooner or later. Rather than grumble as and whenever prices increase and blame everyone but ourselves, we should learn to manage our monies and assets wisely as good stewards of God's gifts. Let us really examine ourselves to see if we are really using our gifts, monies and assets wisely and prudently. Could we be driving an alternative car which is more fuel economical? Could we take the public transport?

Let us all be thankful that we are living in a peaceful country and relatively free from natural disasters (I'm talking about destructive earthquakes, volcanoes, etc). Let us be thankful that we are free to move about without fear of being hurt or murdered because we happen to have different skin colours, embrace different religions or ideologies.

We ought to give thanks more often to God for in the first place, we are still alive and get to read something from the computer!! There are many other people who don't even get to see what a computer looks like let alone touch or access one!

(The image above is from The Star Online)