Thursday, March 16, 2006
posted by PabloPabla at 2:54 pm

Last Saturday (11.03.2006), I went to the market and got home at around 8.30am. Everything was per normal. Around noon and whilst having lunch, my wife and I heard alarm ringing from outside and we thought it was the lift alarm. It stopped after about 30 seconds or so.

Later that day, after dinner, my maid informed me that there is no water coming out from the taps. Oh dear, is there a water supply disruption? So, down I went to the Notice Board and saw an urgent notice which was put up that very day itself. "Please be informed that there is a water supply disruption due to breakdown at the Ulu Langat Reservoir. Management was not informed by Syabas earlier. Having checked with Syabas, we are informed that the water supply will be interupted from 9.00am (11.03.2006) until 9.00am (12.03.2006)". Oh dear, no water...dishes to wash and washing machine was interupted at the drain cycle. We did not keep any water for use.

Oh well....we thought since it's going to recover the next morning, we should move to my parent's house and stay overnight. Especially when you have a 9 day old infant who threatens to poo-poo at any time and there's no water to wash up!

Next day, we came back home at 2.30pm only to find that there is still no water running through the taps. I went to check the main supply pipe and noted its reading. The meter was not running.... Maybe water will come in later, I thought.

At 5.30pm, I went to check out the main supply pipe again. Still the same reading as 2.30pm. This is really too much. So, again...we packed our bags, tilam and all and headed for my parent's house.

Monday - 13.03.2006. Called the Management office and was informed that water supply will come in the afternoon but appears to be very low pressure. As I am staying on the 10th floor of a 12 storey building, I will be one of the last to receive the supply. It should come in at night. But we ran out of clothes and I had to go to work the next morning. So, after dinner, I took a drive home to pack some clothes etc. It's a 40 minutes drive one-way (about 25km) from my parent's house to my own. The fuel indicator was dropping fast.

Next day, called my neighbour on the same floor and was informed that there is only a trickle of water at 5pm. Upstairs neighbour (11th floor) hasn't received theirs yet. Looks like gotta stay one more night at my parent's house.

We finally got home yesterday night (15.03.2006) and were happy to see water flowing again through the pipes. Of course, the initial flow looked very much like the teh ais which I have almost every morning. But it was glorious indeed to see the water flow.

Syabas....what a name to use. Syabas is short-form for Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor. And the Menteri Besar is so proud to announce that Selangor is the most developed state in Malaysia and ought to be declared a fully-developed state. On what basis? Is it necessary that to qualify for developed status, you need to have flash floods every time it rains heavily for 1 hour or so? Or to have frequent water disruption notwithstanding we are living in a tropical country?

At least, I still have my parent's house to seek refuge during the water disruption. What about those with no where to go? Stay in a hotel? Syabas will not reimburse you for that. Neither will they reimburse you for having to spend more money buying drinking water. What about the additional travelling incurred (especially when fuel price has increased)? I would be keen to see if, as "caring corporate citizens" (they are, after all, corporatised) they will grant rebates to those affected by water disruptions.... Fat chance!