Wednesday, March 29, 2006
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Chicken run in Malacca

MALACCA: When it comes to free fried chicken, all fears of bird flu go out the window.

At the Melaka Sentral wet market entrance yesterday morning, 200kg of fried chicken were gone in under 10 minutes.

Eighteen chicken traders at the market donated 10 birds each for the free chicken meal event organised by the Malacca Hawkers and Traders Association to promote chicken consumption.

Many among the 1,000 people who turned up for the 11am free meal came ready with plastic bags with the intention to ta pau (take away) the chicken.

The fried chicken went so fast that many did not have a chance to grab a piece, so the chicken traders gave another 200kg of chicken to appease the crowd.

Seeing the fresh supply, the people crowded the volunteers frying the meat and some even tried to grab the raw chicken.

Association president Wong Soo Tang was delighted with the response. – STARpic by A. MALEX YAHAYA

Source : The Star - 28th March, 2006

When I read this article, I was reminded of the time I went to Pak Lah's Hari Raya Open House....back in....cannot remember the year lah. But it was the first year he was celebrating as the new DPM of Malaysia....yup, after the other DPM got the sack.

Anyway, the open house was held at Putra World Trade Centre. My parents and I have not attended any politician's open house before, so we thought why not? We were greeted with traffic jam just to get into the car park.

When we were outside the hall, we saw many people....but we were not expecting THAT MANY to be inside the hall.

Inside, people were jostling to get themselves onto the buffet table...mee siam was being served but people just used their bare hands to scoop the mee siam from the serving tray onto their paper plates. Every tray that got itself placed on the buffet table was emptied in less than the time it took Carl Lewis to finish 100 metres.

As some waiters were coming out from the kitchen bringing reinforcement (food) using trolleys, they were stopped at the door by these Malaysians who were pushing and surrounding the trolleys. And again, bare mother's nature utensil (hand) reached into the food as if they have never eaten in months. And these people were all smartly dressed (they probably just shook Pak Lah's hands). I wonder if they washed their hands??

Some of the food on their paper plates were replicas of Mount Fuji....were they taking for their whole family who were waiting by the side or??? And I also saw Mount Fujis lying on the floor by the side of the walls...paper plates, food, paper cups some filled to the brim all on the floor. Perhaps, after all the rush, the food and drink was not up to their standard.

My parents and I merely stood by watching the spectacle...the way these Malaysians went for the food would put some of the people in starving regions to shame. There were a couple of tourists who were like us, amazed by the antics of Malaysians when it came to buffet and such. They were taking photos...perhaps to bring home to show their family and friends about how deprived we Malaysians are.

"It's free, so what?". Just look at the plates above....filled Mount Fuji style with fried chicken whilst the elderly lady in the middle of picture seems at a lost 'cos she's looking for fried chicken to fill up her plate.

Spare a thought!