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I frequent Jai Hind Restaurant at Jalan Melayu, Kuala Lumpur at least once a month during my trips to the Kuala Lumpur Courts. In fact, I just had breakfast there 2 days ago and decided to take a couple of pictures of the breakfast fare intending to share it in my blog here. Just as I was to put up this post, I did a quick google search and found out that there are two other reviews done. So, I shall make this quick and fast as I don't want to repeat what others have said about this old restaurant.

Jai Hind Restaurant located at Jalan Melayu

Right, if you are interested in North Indian cuisine, in particular Punjabi cuisine, this is one of the best restaurants in Kuala Lumpur. Don't expect to see a posh looking restaurant though, as most Northern Indian restaurants are. If you do not look close enough, you might even miss it. If you need a landmark to get here, the best would be the Masjid Jamek LRT station. Get off at the station and look for OCBC Building. You will find that a road separates the Masjid Jamek LRT Station and OCBC Building. The name of the road is Jalan Melayu. Jai Hind Restaurant is less than 100 metres away from the Masjid Jamek LRT Station.

Aloo Pratha with Special Teh Ais

I had Aloo Pratha that morning with a glass of Special Teh Ais (Iced Special Tea). Aloo Pratha is pratha bread which comes with a thin layer of curried potato filling. It comes accompanied by vegetarian curry (tastes great) and two types of dhall. There is the "large-sized" chickpea dhall as well as the, no guesses for correct answer, the "small-sized" chickpea dhall. All of them tastes great with the Aloo Pratha. Oh yes, apart from Aloo Pratha, you can also order Roti Canai, Thosai or even Poori for breakfast. Fried Meehoon (rice vermicelli) is also sold for breakfast. I was alone that morning so you must forgive me for not being able to take pictures of all the breakfast fare available.

Now, back to the Special Tea Ais. What is so special about this? Notice the picture of the glass of tea above? It looks like two-layered. Indeed. What the tea-maker does is firstly, he fills up about 70 percent of the glass with warm fresh cow's milk and sugar. Then, he proceeds to give it a "tarik" a.k.a. pulling the tea from one glass to a container a couple of times. By then, the milk would be well-mixed with the sugar and have a layer of bubble at the top (not unlike beer). Finally, he will gently pour tea into the milk. Somehow or rather, the tea remains at the upper part of the drink. Looks great and tastes even better! Give it a stir with the teaspoon provided and help yourself to an excellent cuppa. Apart from the Special Tea Ais, you can also order the usual coffee, milo and even, lassi.
Colourful sweets

What I am fascinated with Jai Hind Restaurant is the variety of sweets and candy they sell. These sweets come in all sorts of colours, shape and sizes. I have tasted some of them before and when I say sweets, they ARE sweet! Some have gingery taste. Some come with a hint of spice.

More colourful sweets

I had to rush to Court that morning and did not ask the owner what were the names of the sweets they were selling. Suffice to say, judging by the variety of sweets they sell, I would be late for Court if I had taken notes of the names of each and every sweet they sell.

Choose a box or two

I have seen some ladies making orders for the sweets in trays. I suppose they buy and take them elsewhere to sell. Jai Hind Restaurant is known to have its own "sweets processing factory" in the adjoining shop lot. Now, one look at the menu for sweets will indicate that there are buyers of such sweets in bulk as the pricing is measured per kg.
Mind-boggling array of sweets

Anyway, Jai Hind Restaurant is not just about sweets. They also sell pakoras and samosas. Oh yes, not to mention the Tandooris and Naans. Make it a point to visit Jai Hind Restaurant when you are around this area. And by the way, my breakfast of Aloo Pratha and Special Tea Ais costs me RM4.30.

Samosas and Pakoras?

Jai Hind Restaurant is located at :-

No. 11 and 13,
Jalan Melayu,
50100 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel number : 60-3-26920041

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At 4:27 pm, Anonymous Ivan

The Teh ais special is a little pricey isn't it?

Try their Masala Tea haha.. or get someone to try. Some indian shops have it. SPICED TEA.

I can't take it however...


At 4:46 pm, Anonymous Laksa

looks good. i love indian cuisine :)


At 5:43 pm, Blogger PabloPabla

ivan : If my memory serves me well, it costs RM1.80 for the special teh ais. Love the cow's milk + tea combo.

laksa : Try it when u are in town.


At 8:17 pm, Blogger Wuching

did u tell them the flag outside is falling off? didn't fix it, not patriotic enuff!


At 9:23 am, Blogger jasgill

Yes, pablopabla Jai Hind is a landmark of sorts in KL esp with the Punjabi community. My late father after his retirement used to go there for tea and to meet his Punjabi brothers. It was indeed a place to catch up with the news and gossip about town. Since it is near the courts, of course a lot of the clientele used to be lawyers, though now I suspect the younger ones will not be too impressed with the ambience. It is a down to earth Punjabi kopitiam. The sweets are loved by all races. I wonder if you tried the jalebis, shown in your 3rd picture (labeled colourful sweets) as golden brown spirals. I hope the authorities will not get picky with the name "Jai Hind" in future as it means “Victory To India”. Pity your first picture shows the Malaysian flag flown not in a proper manner. Whenever my wife and I am in KL shopping at the nearby Semua House we always drop in to buy back some of the sweets. Hope you try the various sweets like Kalakand and Rasgulla. Cheers


At 6:57 pm, Blogger PabloPabla

wuching : LOL! I did not notice the flag :)

jasgill : There are still lawyers there but I guess the older ones! LOL! I haven't mustered the courage to eat the candies / sweets. Must try one day :)