Wednesday, February 14, 2007
posted by PabloPabla at 2:39 pm

I created an op on PPP yesterday. I put in $50 into my advertiser account and created an op to buzz about my food blog. There were 5 ops created and so far at this point of writing, 4 ops have been taken up. I like 3 of the ops and I think they wrote reasonably well. However, the other blogger merely wrote a couple of sentences and then copied the rest of my "op description"!. He must be hogging the op for himself! Thing is, we've to wait till the PPP team discovers it and give that blogger a whacking...unless he modifies his post soon enough.

No wonder some of the posts on PPP are taken up so fast. It is very difficult to write something decent for the advertiser unless you have ample time to browse through their targeted site and look for suitable contents or information. PPP ought to do something about this. Perhaps, allow advertisers to do the "whacking and slapping" instead!