Monday, February 12, 2007
posted by PabloPabla at 2:09 pm

I once tried to sell off my car...well, my wife's car actually...well, let's just say, WE tried to sell 0ur car when we purchased our new Toyota Avanza. To save on advertising costs, we tried advertising on the net instead as some of these car classifieds are free on the net. is one such free Cars For Sale site.

It is quite user friendly. The main page itself is search page. Just scroll to the make, model, year, country and province you are looking for and the search engine will do its job. A search for the ever popular Toyota Corolla revealed a whopping 708780 listings at this point of writing!!! Some of the search results come with photographs for a better appreciation of the cars on sale. You will also get details of the car involved eg. colour, fuel type, engine size and condition. It depends on the seller whether more information is given. Apart from the same, browsers are also given a comparison of the car searched as against a rival car (in this instance, the Matrix 1.8L) in terms of fuel economy.

For sellers, the listing process looks simple enough with a ready-made form which you can fill in all the essential information as well as uploading of photographs. It just takes a few minutes and your advertisement will be up. also offers some useful advice against scams and frauds in order to protect those who list their vehicles for sale or those who intend to purchase vehicles. This is a step in the right direction and definitely helps those who are transacting for the first time.

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