Friday, February 09, 2007
posted by PabloPabla at 5:03 pm

You have heard of fake clothings, fake accessories, fake this and that. Now, presenting the latest fake in town :- Fake toothpaste! Yes, that cream you put onto your toothbrush which you then apply over your teeth and brush away could be fake! This unscrupulous people has no conscience at all! How dare they make fake toothpaste and pass them off as the real thing? God knows what kind of ingredients are inside and whether they may be harmful to health.

In case you are wondering what brand of toothpaste I am talking about, well the Star reported as follows:-

Container of imitation toothpaste seized

PORT KLANG The Selangor Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Department seized a container carrying 784 cartoons of imitation Pepsodent toothpaste at Northport on Thursday.

The department’s enforcement chief Rosle Hamid said enforcement officers had been monitoring the container for three weeks before finally opening it up.

"We received a tip off and had been monitoring the container to nab the importer, but so far, no one has come to claim the consignment," Rosle told a press conference at the Customs Department warehouse near here Friday.

The imitation toothpaste, which appeared to have been manufactured in Indonesia, had arrived at Northport from China, said Rosle.

He added that the retail price for the seized items were about RM40,000.

According to Rosli, the department would continue with its investigations to weed out the importer of the seized toothpaste.

"We will be looking into the shipping documents to find out who brought the consignment in," he said, adding that action would be instituted against the culprit under the Trade Description Act.

Do you use Pepsodent? I don't. I use Colgate. But even now, I shall be looking at my toothpaste with suspicion!

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At 8:48 pm, Anonymous Bengbeng

Goodness, what will be imitation next?


At 1:25 pm, Blogger Wuching

is it from china? must be!


At 11:41 am, Blogger pablopabla

bengbeng : Imitation blogs???

wuching : Donno leh?...