Friday, February 09, 2007
posted by PabloPabla at 3:47 pm

Today's top search and tag on Technorati is none other than Anna Nicole Smith. Why? In case you STILL don't know why, she passed away yesterday. No, I don't know why she passed away and I am not that interested to know why. I just know that she was a famous model and that's about it. But what fascinates me is how much people get drawn to these famous people (Beckhams and the like) and what is happening in their lives.

Does it really matter to have to find out about these people's lives? Is it satisfying or fulfilling to dig for the latest gossips or even embarrassing photo shots of these celebrities? I am sure there are more thrilling and meaningful things to be doing than to find out about these celebrities' lives. How about finding out how your colleague is doing? Or your neighbour? When was the last time you actually speak to them to want to know them better? With concern...not with an aim to dig "stories" for you to pass them around like hot cakes.

Sometimes, I shake my head when the morning news on Light FM have a one-liner piece of news about what so-and-so celebrity was doing etc. Commercialism must have taken place as I am sure there are many people waiting to hear just that bit of news., are you a celebrity news chaser?

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