Tuesday, February 06, 2007
posted by PabloPabla at 2:16 pm

Casual gaming has now taken a further step with the introduction of free-online gaming at Cafe.com. Cafe.com's mission is to provide the best gameplay experience on the net for virtually free of charge! All you need is an internet connection.

Cafe.com brings together exciting casual games with state of the art 3D avatars, social networking and an item-based economy to reshape the way community games are played. Some of the games available include Space Dhoom (a shoot-em up game as a Starship captain), Music Connect (a challenging puzzle game that requires both thought and swiftness to achieve triumph), Ironsides (naval warfare in the 18th century, when fleets of wooden ships bristling with cannons battle to see who can stay afloat and be deemed Captain of the high seas!) and Swordfish (where players navigate a series of falling colored blocks and fish hooks). More games are being developed and will be made available soon.

Part of the game experience allows you to choose from a wide range of gorgeous content and persona options. Cafe.com claims that it will bring a uniquely mainstream approach to cater to the needs of teens, adults and boomers too!

For a heightened game experience, players may purchase virtual objects to power-up their online character. In this respect, discretion is required and it is best not to blow away all your money spending on these purchases. Parents should keep an eye on their children in this respect. However, if there is no intention to purchase any of these objects, Cafe.com is a good place to experience online gaming.

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