Tuesday, February 06, 2007
posted by PabloPabla at 10:18 am

Ah...after signing up with Google Adsense back on June 6th, 2006, I am going to see the USD50.00 very soon. Just need USD0.42 to reach the "pin" status. It's been a real journey so far...starting from this blog in February, 2006 and in less than a year, I've expanded to a food blog, a photo blog as well as a blog in support of Visit Malaysia Year 2007.

The apple of my eye is still this blog as well as the food blog. Okaylah, make that 2 apples. This blog is where I put all my whatevers. Hence, it is appropriately named whatever. The drawback is that it is not focused enough and readers might not find it appealing to come regularly. As for the food blog, it is doing great and I even took up courage to buy my own domain and host it. Recently, the ever influential 5xmom gave a review of my food blog and it blew the stats sky high! As a result, I noticed that there are more returning visitors to the food blog. Time to get working on more recipes.

The thing is, juggling this blog as well as the food blog is not easy. I also have to work first. I'm not a pro-blogger...so, this shall remain a hobby of mine for now. As a result, I've not been able to visit my blogger kawan-kawan's site that often or to give them my thoughts...so, I shall have to rethink my priorities.

It's humbling to know that my thoughts can be shared with people all around the world with just a click of the mouse. I shall now ponder whether I can put this technology to better use...hmmmm......



At 12:44 pm, Blogger Samm

Just waitttt, ah.... the day will soon come. very "song" wannnn. My cheque still hasnt cleared....