Monday, February 05, 2007
posted by PabloPabla at 2:38 pm

Credit cards are big business in most developed and developing nations, more so in the UK. Mint credit card was introduced by MINT in 2003 and comes in 2 versions. The 1st version is a standard credit card whilst the 2nd version is a credit card with a futuristic look - where the bottom right hand corner has been nicely trimmed off. Current promotion on the MINT credit card is 0% interests on purchases and balance transfers till 1st December 2007.

MINT is not all about credit cards. They also have Gift Cards which was introduced in September 2006. This is quite an innovative card and quite similar to supplementary cards just that it is pre-paid in nature. You can get a card for say 250 quids and then give it away to someone you love. They'll get to spend it at their convenience at places where Visa Electron is accepted.

And by the way, MINT is a business name of The Royal Bank of Scotland plc. That's the national bank of Scotland, I think. So, I think it's pretty safe. However, the facilities are only available for residents of the UK above 18 years of age. There are some important terms and conditions and you can check them out at Mint credit card.

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