Wednesday, January 31, 2007
posted by PabloPabla at 1:52 pm

The price war has just started. Just as Malaysia Airlines announced their low deals with tickets priced from RM9.00, AirAsia came up with their promotion with tickets priced from RM0.99! Of course, one still needs to factor in the insurance, tax and fuel surcharges. But really, if one were to travel to say Kuantan and the difference in fare between both airlines is RM10.00 (this is a hypothetical question because I've been unable to get into their servers due to the overwhelming response - which is another issue altogether because they should have anticipated the "crowd"), which airline would one prefer to fly with?

Somehow, I would still go for Malaysia Airlines. I mean, with a difference of RM9.00, I get to depart from an airport (KLIA) with more to see and do (and buy, if I wanted to), surf wifi whilst waiting for my flight (I donno if LCCT has that) - not that I have a laptop with me ler, check-in and choose my preferred seat - which is important if I bring kids around and fly with an airline (and not an airbus - pun intended). Oh yes, I would also have additional 5 kgs bag allowance.

Two days ago, I had the opportunity to fly to Kota Bahru for a trial and I took MAS both ways. At the boarding gate, it was nice to have the attendants coming to you to tear the boarding pass counterfoil (rather than you having to queue up). I suppose it is because they noticed that there were many Haj pilgrims on their way back and it would be inconvenient for the makciks and pakciks to have to queue up to have their boarding passes checked. Nice touch of service. As for the return trip, I noticed the attendants going around the boarding hall looking for passengers with kids and inviting them to board the plane first before an announcement was made for the other passengers to board. No mad scramble at all. It is definitely a pleasant experience and though it may seem trivial, I am sure the passengers appreciated it. I definitely did!