Monday, February 05, 2007
posted by PabloPabla at 2:39 pm

VR Hosted, an internet presence provider since 1996, has recently changed its name to Net Actuate. Along with this name change, there are some hosting plans on offer. Well, actually only 2 are on offer.

The first plan is simply called Web One whilst the latter is surprise surprise, Web Two. The former comes with 5 gb web space and 100gb/month transfer. Web Two offers double the capacity. The former costs $10 per month whilst the latter, $15 per month. The control panel is quite easy to use and it comes with icons for ease of navigation. The usual stuffs like mail accounts, ftp and file managers are inclusive.

Compared to some other hosting packages available in the net, I think Net Actuate's package may not necessarily be the best in terms of pricing or features. There are definitely some sites which offer cheaper hosting packages and with better features. You will have to do a search on that. Moreover, it would definitely help to have some facts and figures about the size of its business (how many sites it is hosting) as well as uptime. Somehow, I think facts and figures do sometimes impress people and convinces people where to place their money.

Payment wise, the good thing is that Net Actuate accepts paypal funds on top of the usual credit cards. This would suit those who are unsure about making credit card payments and prefer to use their "virtual" funds in paypal instead.

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