Friday, February 09, 2007
posted by PabloPabla at 8:30 am

I joined PPP sometime in late November with a sense of uncertainty whether this programme actually pays me for blogging. After my first post was approved, I was thrilled and awaiting with anticipation my payment which would have been credited to my PayPal account in 30 days' time. You can just imagine how happy I was when the first payment got through and I then knew, this is true and it's not a scam or something.

Since then, I've earned about USD200.00...not as much as some other bloggers have (some make about USD1000 a month) but it is enough to keep me happy. After all, this is just a hobby and I still have my full time work to deal with. Having earned the money, I then ventured into buying my own domain for my own blog called Hochiak! Delicious Asian Food and got it hosted, all for less than USD90.00. I mean, without these monies from PPP, I would not have parted away with cash or even used my credit card to get my own domain and hosting package.

I now look forward to weekday postings on PPP. Oh, I don't have a computer at home. So, all these postings are done on weekdays in the office. It is satisfying to see a stream of posts approved waiting to be paid one after another. If you are into blogging, do give it a try.

As for the immediate plan ahead, I intend to continue with posting on PPP. I am even considering advertising! What I will do is to advertise on blogs. That means, I put a sum of money into PPP and get people to write about my blog. When they write about my blog (say, a review or an opinion), they will refer to my blog and place a link there. This will invariably increase the visibility of my blog. Win win situation for them and I!