Monday, February 12, 2007
posted by PabloPabla at 9:54 am

PayPerPost is fast taking the internet by storm. With its innovative advertising - blogging win-win situation scheme, bloggers have found a way to may side income by blogging about things they love and advertisers get massive audience for their products / service when bloggers blog about them. The potential for ad network is only limited by one's imagination.

After PPP became famous and many bloggers and advertisers signed up with them, out came similar schemes in the internet, such as and What sets PayPerPost apart from the others is its innovation and creativity. The team at PayPerPost never fails to come up with new ideas which excite their advertisers and bloggers. For instance, there was an op about the HP Camera which came in puzzles. Each piece of the 30 pieces puzzle is revealed over a period of time and bloggers would be putting this puzzle in their blogs. Apart from the buzz created, the first person who can track all 30 pieces of puzzles all over the internet wins a prize!

One of the latest innovation from the guys at PayPerPost is "Review My Post". See the badge below this post? What does it mean? Well, if you are a blogger who is not already a PayPerPost member (membership of which is free), just click on the "Review My Post" badge and it will take you to a registration page.

Register yourself and if you meet the minimum qualifications of being a PayPerPost postie, you can start your very first assignment of reviewing this very post you are reading. Maybe, say something about what attracted you to this post and how you have been impressed by PayPerPost. When you assignment (post) is accepted by PayPerPost, you get paid $7.50 and so do I! Simple, isn't it?

The "Review My Post" badge can be programmed to appear in all of a blogger's posts just like how it appears in my blog here. So, technically, all my posts are opportunities for new recruits! What are you waiting for? Start reviewing!