Thursday, February 15, 2007
posted by PabloPabla at 11:34 am

I opened my PPP dashboard today to discover that I've achieved 5 tacks status. That's a real encouragement to know that my sponsors are happy with what I am doing so far. Woopee! On another note, however, I do realise that the quality of my blog has suffered a bit in terms of the non-sponsored posts. It is a bit hard to juggle especially when blogging remains a part-time kinda activity. should I resolve this? Should I have a dedicated blog for non-sponsored stuffs and keep this blog for sponsored stuffs? What a dilemma...



At 1:50 pm, Anonymous 5xmom

And I just saw I am on the main leaderboard, all time top 10 earners. Whee! Love segmentation cos I get some juicy, fat ones. My hard works pay off. Praise the Lord.


At 3:57 pm, Blogger pablopabla

Well done sifu!


At 6:17 pm, Blogger mumsgather

I've also been getting more juicy ones recently. Yippeee! Oh and btw, I've got 4 tacks only and 9 votes. Hehe.


At 9:38 am, Blogger boo_licious

Congrats! Good work and I'm sure you must be rolling in $$$$.

Gong Xi Fa Cai to you and yr family. Hope the Year of the Boar brings you lots of prosperity (vide Payperpost!) and yummy eats.


At 10:10 am, Blogger pablopabla

mumsgather : I am sure it will become full tacks in no time ;) Happy New Year!

boo_licious : The $$$ is good enough motivation for me :) Happy New Year to you too and hope to see more boo_licious stuffs on your blog!