Monday, June 05, 2006
posted by PabloPabla at 12:12 pm

After the Parish Games on 27.05.2006, I realised that I am terribly unfit (read: muscles aches and shortness of breath after a few sprints). So, last Friday, I bought me-self a cheap cheap set of ping-pong bats from one of the oldest sports shops in Klang Valley (G. S. Gill). Two ping pong bats plus 3 balls for RM15.00 (there's a sale, so I got it for RM14.00).
Actually, my office is above G S, there is really no excuse to say I can't find one nearby. Moreover, Pertama Complex which houses one of the largest numbers of shops selling sports equipment / attire is just 400 metres walk down the road. I REALLY have been procrastinating!

On Sunday afternoon, as scheduled earlier with Siaw Hui (my SG member and neighbour and school mate), I got myself to the ground floor of my apartment in my almost brand new pair of sports shoes (which I had to buy for the Parish Games. My previous pair was past its shelf life) all eager. Wife and daughters came along and it was great to have a "family" sporting time together.

My wife is quite a good player....better than me, I would say :) And after some earlier "swatting of air" strokes, we finally got the momentum going. It was great to finally sweat it out again. Siaw Hui, my wife and I took turns with some "informal" breaks in-between to distract Nicole (who was desperately trying to ping-pong even though the height of the table is at eye-level).

Though I was more accustomed to the pen-hold, I decided to try out the shakehand grip which is the more popular form of grip today. I think I'm beginning to like the latter grip as it is not as awkward to hit a "backhand" stroke.

Next game shall be this coming Sunday. And I can't wait for that session.... better hit it whilst the enthusiasm is still hot!