Monday, August 07, 2006
posted by PabloPabla at 11:19 am

Every Chinese New Year, my wife and I will go to Kuching, Sarawak and spend a couple of days there as a reunion time with my in-laws. Initially, during schooling days, I flew there alone but in recent years, the party grew bigger. This coming trip for CNY 2007 will include myself, my wife, our two daughters and our helper. That's 3 adults and 2 children.

Those days when I was schooling, a return trip with Malaysia Airlines will cost in the region of RM350.00. AirAsia was not even an entity yet.

Today, I checked out both Malaysia Airlines and AirAsia websites for the fares in February next year and I think I shall have to start budgetting real soon. This is what I got:-

AirAsia (Now everyone can fly) : RM1,599.92 return.

No frills, no seat allocation, no food and drinks included. If you have children, perhaps they will allow you to board the aircraft first. If you MUST eat something, you can buy them from the flight crew who will be most willing to sell you a nasi lemak or two (the last time I flew and had the nasi lemak, the hard boiled egg was hard-burnt egg. I think they over-did it when they heated it).

Oh yes, a pleasant walk on the tarmac is included but no photographs please. Security reasons. You can get yourself a new hairstyle if the wind decides to be a bit creative that day. Perhaps your greeting party should have your photograph ready in case they do not recognise your new hairstyle. In case it rains, there are ample umbrellas around. Self-service is the rage here. Serve yourself to your seats and to the umbrellas.

Malaysia Airlines (Going beyond expectations) - RM2,856.00

First class airline with first class flight crew. If you feel rich enough, you can pay more and feel like a business man in the business class and show you mean business. Otherwise, make do with economy class offering designer fabric seats. Have a meal served to you but don't expect the signature dish "Satay" unless you pay at least 25% more for showing you mean business.

Bring extra luggage as you are allocated 20kgs to check-in. AirAsia only offers a measly 15kgs. If you are bored on board, be tempted by the airlines' Temptations, an in-house magazine with glossy pages. Buy some duty free stuff on-board if you feel stressed out and decide to splurge on your cash or credit card even before you reach your travel destination.

Which shall we fly then?

Little children better expect smaller angpow packets next CNY. It's all the airlines' fault!