Thursday, July 27, 2006
posted by PabloPabla at 11:41 am

Yesterday was a rather upsetting day for me. Read about it here.

When I went home, I was greeted by my two lovely daughters. Their innocent smiles took away whatever unpleasant thoughts that I was having. God is indeed everywhere and He is in charge.

Anyway, as I have mentioned in my previous posting "Mad About Hats", I was going to scan an old photograph of mine showing my fascination playing with a coconut. So, last night, I took out my old photo album which was gathering dust in the shelves and reminisce through old times.

Let me take you on this journey of mine...

This is the very first photograph taken on me. I was approximately 5 months old then. Mum told me this photograph was taken because they were applying for me to be included in mum's restricted passport.

Restricted passport was used for travel between Malaysia and Singapore only. It cannot be used to travels to other countries. Recently, this passport has been done away with by the governments.

Anyway, I treasure this photograph very much because it is the very first photographic recording of my past.

Let's move on.

I stayed in Pontian Kecil for a few years (I think?!?) during my years as a toddler. During those years and even in the baby photo above, home-stitched pyjamas were in fashion. Decent shopping centres were only available in Johor Bahru or Singapore which are 1 hour's drive away.

Elder folks will buy cotton clothing material (usually with broad stripes) to make pyjamas and I had a few with me. This photograph on the right was taken when I was 3 years old (if the number 3 marked behind the photograph gives any clue). Back then, babies / toddlers either wear cotton napkins or nothing. For boys, elders usually cut a small hole at the groin region of the pyjamas to "ease toilet training".

After staying in Pontian Kecil (and to a certain extent, a couple of months in Singapore) for a few years, we moved up to Kuala Lumpur. We stayed in Jln Imbi flats with our relatives.

I was told that back then, the flats at Jln Imbi are resided by rich people. Apparently, many rich people also keep their mistresses there! I quickly took the chance to take a photo behind a Porsche car and tried to look cool with a cigarette in hand.

During those years, my uncle Kim taught me a lot of stuffs. Things like alphabets and numbers. I will always be grateful to him for his early childhood education which he gave me. In fact, he even sponsored 1 year of my university study in England.

Going back to Jln Imbi years, I was told that I used to be able to recite 1 - 10 but always giving the number 7 a miss. The elders were exasperated with my tendency to give no. 7 a miss. Until one day, I decided to recite a four-digit number = 2710. At last, I am able to say the number 7. The elders wacked big on the four-digit punting but I think nothing happened.

Some people wonder whether my waist has always been at this size. Some of my current friends who do not know me from school days were shocked when I told them I had the waist the envy of girls - 24 inches. That was before I got dengue fever in 1991. Prior to that, I was really skinny. As some say, I can strum my ribs to a tune.

I had a lot of good times in the secondary school which I attended in Kuching. SMK Green Road. My wife and I were school mates. In 1990, I went to Sibu with 3 other classmates of mine for a state-wide science & maths exhibition. Had a great time there!

I still keep in touch with some of my classmates from Kuching. The photograph on the right shows the 4 Science A class of 1990. Spot me if you can!

Some of us are now parents. In fact, this year (2006) is baby-boom year for us. Some of us have our second child this year. I am sure some of us will be having a third soon.

Most of us are blessed with good health and decent jobs and I thank God for that. If you are one of my classmates for whom I have lost touch with, do contact me!

As for the future, God alone knows the plans He has for me (Jeremiah 29:11) and I trust in Him to lead me along the way.

Thank you for showing interest in reading my life journey so far. Keep coming back! I shall now leave you with the boy with the coconut...



At 7:19 pm, Anonymous Shandy

Ooooo i finally found the place to "tag"! =) Appreciate your life story, hope you treasure it forever.


At 9:38 pm, Blogger lkk

Love that photo of Class of 1990, cause I'm in there! Excellent story. I gotta go dig out my old photos and do one also ...


At 9:37 am, Blogger PabloPabla

shandy : Glad to know that you found the coconut boy tag-worthy :)

lkk : Quick! Quick! I got some more pics from SMKGR. But can't seem to find those from the Sibu exhibition...


At 9:33 am, Anonymous Hijackqueen

Hey, coincidently my hubby was from Pontian Kecil too.


At 11:40 am, Blogger PabloPabla

hijackqueen : welcome to my blog. small world! My parents are from P.Kecil but I was born in JB (suppose to be born in P.Kecil but had to be sent to JB via ambulance - long story la). Do you still balik kampung?