Tuesday, July 18, 2006
posted by PabloPabla at 5:09 pm

As I was walking back to office after lunch today, I stopped by the roadside waiting for the traffic to clear.

I noticed a security guard coming out of a shop behind me and started sprinkling grain over the five-foot way. "Oh no, he's feeding the pigeons" - that's what I thought. Before I could say "Do you realise what you are going to cause?", a flock of pigeons came flying over me (don't know where they came from) and started descending towards their lunch.

It was then "splat"... an unwanted sound which I heard. Somewhere very near me.

ARRRGGGGHHHHH! One bird decided to ease itself just as it was descending and the dropping landed onto my trousers. For some, it's time to buy 4-digits. Supposedly lucky to have bird droppings on you or your car or whatever.

Not for me. I've read about how pigeon droppings can be a health hazard. Ornithosis, Encephalitis, Cryptococcosis, Toxoplasmosis and Salmonella are some of the diseases spread through the droppings. The acidic nature of the dropping can even cause permanent stain or corrosion to exterior surfaces of buildings and cars.

I don't know why people still decide to rear pigeons in cities. I find them more a nuisance than anything. Bird droppings aside, they are also a vocal crooning lot. These people are not rearing them for commercial reasons but for ... I don't know what reasons.

Pesky pigeons taking aim

There are some who fancy pigeon soup as well as deep-fried pigeons. Pigeons are supposedly power-packed with nutrients and some swear that they get a real boost of energy after eating them (soup or fried).

Anyway, I've had enough pigeons for today.



At 5:06 pm, Blogger KY

please spend me makan if u kena 4d k? thanks. :P


At 5:12 pm, Blogger PabloPabla

I will have to spend you makan S'wak Laksa in any event 'cos I don't buy 4d :)


At 11:12 pm, Anonymous Anonymous

I heard mom said that our neighbours are also throwing breads to feed the pigeons, sounds unhygenic, why don't you paste a notice to advise them to stop harming the environment?

Your Sis


At 11:59 am, Blogger PabloPabla

Yeah, I'll put up the notice. Thanks for the reminder!