Monday, June 26, 2006
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Yesterday, I gave a testimony at the 10.00 service in my Church in conjunction with Small Group Sunday.

Small Groups (also known in various other names such as Cell Groups, Care Groups, etc) are important components in a church and it is vital for a Christian to belong to one. In fact, Christ modelled His ministry in a small group by living out His life amongst a group of 12 men (later known as the Apostles).

Makan-makan after small group activity

When I was writing out this testimony, I had to keep it short for otherwise, it could end up being as long as the sermon. There REALLY is so MUCH to share about the small groups.

I thought I would share my testimony here with you.

Good morning.

My name is Gary Ng.

I accepted Jesus Christ as my saviour back in 1998 and began attending Sunday worship service at KL Wesley Methodist Church on a regular basis at the end of year 2001.

One of the reasons why I chose to attend the worship service here is because I remain anonymous. I can come and leave the church without anyone noticing me. That was great, or at least, in the initial years.

For 2 years, my only Christian involvement was to attend the Sunday worship service. However, I began feeling that there is still emptiness within me in my walk with God.

I was struggling to find what it means to be close to God and to be His follower. I was unable to understand the Bible though I tried reading them in earnest. I was unable to pray apart from asking God to protect and bless my life as well as my family’s. I knew then that I must be missing out on something.

I contemplated attending a small group but there was a fear in me. I was, after all, an infant Christian and I was of the view that only the matured Christians attend small groups.

Nevertheless, after much pondering, I summoned courage and signed up for the Alpha course with my wife. We began to know other members of the church. After we completed the course, we attended a small group in Ampang.

For the last 3 years, I have been attending small group meetings and am currently involved in the ministry as a small group leader in Cheras.

My spiritual walk with God has grown ever closer through my attendance in the small group meetings. I learnt that attending a small group does not require Bible knowledge but rather, whether you are willing to allow God to work through you for the good of everyone in the small group. I also learnt that my small group members are also like me, ordinary people with life’s problems with whom I could relate to. Through sharing our struggles, we uphold each other and keep ourselves accountable to one another in our Christian walk.

I am now able to pray with confidence as well as being more sensitive to God’s teaching through the small group sessions.

My small group members have also been there for me during my testing periods and this has made me realise how God extends His love and care for me through my small group members.

Last year, my daughter of 2 years old was diagnosed with coxsackie and upon hearing the diagnosis from the doctor, I was momentarily at a lost wondering what I shall do. The doctor informed that we would need to continue monitoring the condition as it may get worse. It was then that I remember that I have many brothers and sisters in Christ whom I know in the small group. I began to sms to them requesting them to pray for my daughter’s healing. Through the networking of the small groups, my request for prayer was transmitted throughout the church. Praise God, my daughter was healed immediately and did not show any sign of worsening of the symptoms. If I had not been in a small group community and had continued being a Sunday Service worshipper with no connection to church members, I would not have brothers and sisters in Christ to turn to for prayer and would probably be worried sick.

Truly, I have no regrets of having joined a small group. If you have not, it is my prayer that you will do so.
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