Tuesday, July 18, 2006
posted by PabloPabla at 10:33 am

Last night, I was pleasantly surprised when Mr. Lim Kit Siang called me to enquire about the MyKad problem which I faced.

It is an honour, really, to have the Leader of the Opposition call you personally to find out whether your problem had been resolved. I would have thought that for an important person like him (who has far bigger issues to deal with) would probably have asked a personal assistant to call me. Neither The Star newspaper nor the New Straits Times Newspaper called me regarding my email to their respective editors. Perhaps my problem was not worth their precious print pages.

Today, Mr. Lim highlighted my email to his blog to raise awareness to his readers. He agreed with me that I should not have paid the processing fee as a matter of principle. He also agreed with me that I should not be sent on a run-around by the NRD.

Have you been given the run-around by the National Run-Around Department? (one of his readers [zys] gave this name to the NRD)