Monday, July 17, 2006
posted by PabloPabla at 6:29 pm


My adsense tracker tells me that I now have 405 hits since the 6th June, 2006.

Not too bad for a newbie on the block. I can't compare to the giants here in Malaysia such as Paul Tan, Kenny Sia, KY or even Chanlilian. They get hits by the thousands EVERYDAY. They have a fan base (I'm a fan of some of the famous bloggers) and continue to get bigger by the day.

I admire them, really. Not envy but admire. They have such good command of language, most of them anyway, and are able to be creative. Something about their blogs attract people. I hope it is the good and clean stuffs that are attracting the lot and not the foul-language which some bloggers use.

Though it is their prerogative, I can't feel but sad that some bloggers choose to use profanity in their blogs knowing full well that children gain access to their blogs. They may say that it is none of their business but I hope it will come to their senses that one day, their own children or even nephews or nieces will come across such blogs and be contaminated in their language.

We should all realise that whatever we do will always and inevitably, affect someone else. Even if it is something done in private.

As for me, I hope my blog will give a positive effect on others.