Wednesday, February 27, 2008
posted by PabloPabla at 5:40 pm

Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting, leader of the MCA, a component party of Barisan Nasional has just confirmed my suspicions all these while :-

That BN is made up of racist parties who would only think of fighting for their kind in disregard of the rights of those of other races, nevermind if they are Malaysians.

Why else would Ong Ka Ting say that Chinese Malaysians cannot afford to be split in their support for Barisan Nasional (BN) to ensure the survival of the community in terms of politics, economy, culture and education if it was not an endorsement that BN practices racism at its worst - that if your community is not represented, your survival in terms of economy, culture and education would be at risk?

I always thought that BN fights for equality, fairness and justice. And so it seems that this is not so behind the scenes. I can just imagine OKT and perhaps Samy Vellu and other heads of community arguing (and begging?) in a cabinet meeting with UMNO leaders to give other communities a chance to survive. This is not power sharing. This is called the mighty rules. This is what is known as the party with the most number of representatives call the shots - nevermind if you are also a Malaysian with a MyKad and contributing taxes for the benefit of everyone. And we all know that UMNO has a disproportionate number of representatives in BN as compared to the other parties vis a vis the population of this country.

I no longer wish to endorse a party or coaliation which perpetuates racists ideals. I am a Malaysian, born and raised in this country which I call home and who believes in equality, fairness and justice to all. The marginalised must be heard and assisted irregardless of their race. The poor must be given equal opportunities regardless of their race. No longer should university places and scholarships be assessed on racial preference (don't talk to me about meritocracy in place because if you were to open your eyes big enough, you will realise that it is a sham). No longer should the rich who purchases a house worth RM1 million be entitled to a discount just because he is a bumiputra. He is rich enough already.

No wonder BN leaders' call for a united Malaysian people will never materialise - because of their racist policies. Hear what Anwar Ibrahim has to say and what PKR stands for. That is what I call a party for Malaysians.



At 7:21 pm, Anonymous Anonymous

I am a nobody. I have no access to the media. I hope you allow me to have my say in your blog. The frustrations of an ordinary rakyat. I was at a rally listening to the politicians speak. Now, please humbly, let me the rakyat speak.

To the BN component parties:

I lived through the era of the infamous May 13th incident. History tells us that affirmative action was taken to right the imbalance in society.

Now it is the year 2008. Are we going to have the next 50 years a continuation of the sad state of affairs in the country. As a young man, I was very supportive of the government. Then I experienced first-hand how I missed chances for educational and self development opportunities because i was the wrong color. Do I not have to eat and survive? Has the government forgotten that we, the ordinary people on the streets too need a place under the sun? Our children and future generations too need a place under the sun.

We, the ordinary rakyat had to see our hard earned earnings funding corruption. You tell me there is no corruption. You then tell me there is corruption and that you would deal with it to increase our competitiveness. Where are the results? In this country, a select few are multi-millionaires but what about the rest of the rakyat?

We are then told to go through the right channels to give feed-back. How can we the rakyat trust you when in the year 2008, you still use the archaic ISA to protect your own self interests?

Money was wasted and our country became uncompetitive. I had to pay thousands more from years of toil just to buy a car just because I had to support the national car project which isn’t even the government’s property but a privatized concern. Petronas has earned billions of ringgit and where has the money gone? How did it end up in the coffers of a few privileged individuals while we the ordinary rakyat had to pay high prices.

Look around you. There are millions barely existing and making ends meet. Poverty exists in more than one community. Even amongst the bumiputeras, they exist but your affirmative action has only enriched a select few. Do you then wonder why people have to resort to demonstrations? Why is it wrong for us to tell you the truth?

At every chance you get: you, the ruling coalition will use the non-bumiputeras as a punching bag stirring unrest and hatred amongst the races. You, the BN component parties are useless as you have to toe the line set by big brother. Yet every election you : these so-called BN component parties tell us we have to support you so that you can champion our rights. What have we got for our half a century of support?

You, these so called component parties leaders then go through the charade of begging for crumbs from big brother. Big brother then holds the whip. I need not state the loss the ordinary man on the street has experienced over the years. How often has the man on the street been conveniently forgotten once the elections are over?

The whole electoral system is flawed. You, the BN component parties know that. I mean, despite all the rhetoric and theatrics in the official media, deep in your hearts, you know that. How can you blatantly deny it? You know of the existence of corruption. You know of the existence of the urban poor. Do you not feel for them? Haven’t their cries been loud enough? Does it not prick your conscience? Honestly if we vote you BN component parties into parliament, what can you do? Seriously, I ask you this question: What can you do?

One issue after another has been raised and has fallen on blind eyes, deaf ears and dumb lips. “Tepuk dada tanya sendiri’ what you the existing BN component parties other than big brother can do for the people if there is no change. Our Indian brothers took fifty years before they saw through the scam. How did you react? Did you even pretend to listen to them?

And there is no change because you are the stumbling block to the peoples’ desires for equal rights and a mere place under the sun.

By your very existence you acknowledge there is discrimination in society. You are part of the system. You propagate the system. You try to blind the people by controlling strictly the media..You have your cronies and you need the support of the well heeled and powerful in society. You have to pander to their demands. Where then is the place for us, the ordinary people.

Each time election comes around, we, the people hope for a better future. Like a new broom which sweeps clean, we see you trying your best to fight for the rakyats’ rights. Then we see you pummeled. Our rights are further eroded.

Tell us, the people: deep in your hearts - do you despair that you just cannot play your role well. The odds are all stacked against you. You run here and run there looking for solutions where none exists without the cooperation of big brother. You tell us the existence of opposition parties weakens your support. Even if we gave you 100% of the support would you be able to do it?

I know there are good people in the BN.. But you can’t beat the big con: The existence of democracy in the country. When other BN leaders tell us blatant lies, you keep quiet. Where then is your credibility? Big brother tells us to provide feedback but does it accept feedback: even from you?

Where lies then your power to champion our rights? Do the honorable thing. Step aside. Let the people have a voice in parliament for once. You are like dead wood. Not because you don’t try but it is all part of the big con. You know it. I know it. Every body knows it. Why then do you perpetuate the system.

Have you not profited enough from the system?

It is time for change. You have outlived your usefulness. You need to go so that we, the rakyat can live. I prefer to experience the uncertainties offered by the opposition, even Anwar Ibrahim and saudara Lim Kit Siang than that which you are offering us : nothing concrete and a sure loss for us in the long term.

You wear your little achievements for us the rakyat on your chest like pretty ornaments while our rights as a rakyat are whittled away until only the bare bones are still there. it is a very fragile society we are living in today. You created it.

It is time for you to go.


At 7:42 pm, Blogger rational thinker

"I no longer wish to endorse a party or coaliation which perpetuates racists ideals. I am a Malaysian, born and raised in this country which I call home and who believes in equality, fairness and justice to all."

Here here.


At 11:44 am, Blogger bongkersz

Ditto my friend. No longer Malaysians should think that only Chinese leader can safeguard the Chinese interests, only Indian can help the Indians, and only Malay leader will defend the Malays rights. We need a Malaysian leader. A leader that look beyond race and skin color. Someone that will take care of all Malaysians. We should no longer be used for racial politicking nor we should support communal politics. I am with you, my friend. Believe me there are many Malaysians out there share our beliefs.