Monday, February 04, 2008
posted by PabloPabla at 12:50 pm

My guess on the outcome of the coming General Elections is this - BN will win and continue to govern this country. It goes without doubt that they have the monies to do so. Just look at the insane amount of money donated and pledged into all kinds of projects around the country from Development Regions to building funds for chinese schools to ang pows for the rakyat to sudden tarring and beautifying of roads. The amount of publicity generated on all these projects cannot go unnoticed and I am very sure that many Malaysians would feel good about this and continue to vote for BN. So, should the general public buy the BN politicians' sales pitch that all should vote for BN for continued progress and stability of the country?

I look at it differently. Having a healthy number of opposition MPs will in fact make this country a much stronger and stable country than before. Having a bigger number of opposition MPs would enable policy decisions by the government to be kept in check and ensure that the country's funds are managed in a more transparent manner. To this end, having someone like the ex-Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to sit in Parliament as an opposition MP would be desirable. I will not dwell on his past performance as a BN leader but I will focus on his undoubted skills as a shrewd politician. His oratory skills would put many BN leaders to shame and his past experience and knowledge of the going-ons in BN would be useful indeed to keep the BN leaders in check. Just imagine having him, Lim Kit Siang and Karpal Singh giving the BN leaders a run for their money in Parliament. The BN MPs would probably hesitate to pick a debate with Anwar and co. Just see this short video of Anwar's take on fuel prices.

Having a healthy number of opposition MPs does not mean that the country will degenerate into chaos. Countries like the UK have a sizeable number of opposition MPs to raise issues to keep the government's MPs accountable for their actions and question questionable policies. A healthy democracy is one where there is proper check and balance. One where the minority voices are allowed to be heard and be recognised its importance. It's time to make some noise.



At 4:01 pm, Anonymous Adino

What ang pow? I haven't got any yet :) The sad fact is that many have been duped by the MSM to believe that the opposition do not have best interests at heart.