Thursday, December 13, 2007
posted by PabloPabla at 10:06 am

Or the Opposition for that matter. Why? If you are already an adult and by that, I mean above 21 years old and you have not registered yourself as a voter, you should be keeping your mouth shut. It makes you no different from the politicians themselves when you talk and criticise but take no action (to register as a voter and vote) over what you said. Don't you feel that you are a hypocrite?

It is actually much harder to be a politician (to have to talk and spin their way around) than to be a registered and voting voter. To be a politician, you have to research facts (or get your people to do the dirty work for you), present the facts as it is or distort them cleverly or stupidly, answer reporters off the cuff and earn applause for intelligent answers or get ridiculed for goblok answers and constantly put on a confident face even though you are under stress whether you will get the people's support. On the other hand, to be a voter, you just need to go to the nearest registration centre with your identity card. You don't even have to give a press conference after registering.

So please, stop criticising the government or opposition parties unless you are already a registered voter. And if you are already a registered voter, make sure you vote when election comes around. Every vote counts. If you vote for the government, apart from your vote counting towards the performance of the candidate of your choice, your vote will represent the overall votes obtained by the government throughout the country. Similarly if you vote for the opposition (whichever party you choose). In Malaysia, the simple majority vote wins and gets the seat. So, assuming in the weird scenario that all BN candidates get 1 extra vote over their challengers, BN is effectively ruling the country by a majority of less than 223 votes. In some areas, they might even be the minority in this example - BN 150 votes, DAP 140 and PAS 130 in a 3 candidate fight. That would of course, make a mockery of what some BN politicians saying that the majority of the citizens are supporting them without taking into account the real number of voters for BN vis a vis the opposition parties.

As for you who are below the age of 21, you are excused. Criticise all you want but make sure you get yourself registered when you reach 21.



At 11:03 am, Anonymous Giddy Tiger

Hear hear! I have been voting since I attained the age of 21, and I am eager to do my part as a citizen come the next election.


At 12:33 pm, Blogger hcfoo


btw, why not the opposition parties and the bloggers who only know how to criticize the government behind the computer to start contributing to the people instead of just yelling around.

there are a lot of poor people trapped due to the flood. go help out and you own the credit. we judge people by their good deeds.


At 2:49 pm, Blogger Adino

I think the point Pablo is trying to make is that voting won't change a thing unless the elections are run in a fair and transparent manner :(

Btw thanks for the link to the Malaysian Bar website... got quite a lot of interesting news to read!


At 2:58 pm, Anonymous Anonymous

I think hcfoo needs to get it into his head that even if opposition parties help out, their deeds would never be publicised in the media compared to the government politicians who can't wait to exploit every minor opportunities to boast of their 'deeds'.

The MCA politicians trying to get mileage around heart transplant girl Hui Yi is one example, which is disgusting.

So mr HCFOO, before you criticize the opposition, please think properly first.


At 3:42 pm, Blogger hcfoo

Ms Foxxy, different people have different opinion. You stick to yours and I stick to mine ;)


At 4:28 pm, Blogger pablopabla

Giddy Tiger : You are a responsible citizen :D

hcfoo : I am sure the opposition parties are also assisting the public at large in their own ways. Perhaps not in media limelight.

adino : On the contrary, every eligible citizen should vote. That would be the first duty to the nation. The transparency and fairness of the system is another issue altogether.

shadowfox : I hear you and I am sure HCFoo hears you.

hcfoo : Agreeing to disagree is a virtue. Unfortunately, politicians don't see that way sometimes, do they? ;)


At 4:36 pm, Anonymous moo_t

Unfortunately, gerrymandering will render you vote and my vote useless.


At 9:08 pm, Anonymous Anonymous

hello!... last time i check, the opposition is even more suck! compare to BN!... so if they lost, dont blame the SPR, change yourself...or at least change our perception to you (the opposition!)


At 9:12 pm, Blogger pablopabla

moo_t : Well, if you think that way, any last bit of hope for a just society would be thrown out the window. Regardless of whether there is going to be any gerrymandering or foul play, each eligible citizen should exercise his vote with a conscience.

anonymous : What are your facts to prove that the opposition suck? Generalised statements like yours don't make much headway.