Friday, November 02, 2007
posted by PabloPabla at 11:40 am

My hairdresser has been giving feedback to me of late that I seem to be losing my hair a bit. Signs of aging? He said that my hair seems to be thinning. I replied in jest that my little girls at home have been tearing my hair with their antics. But then again, perhaps it has got to do with family genes. My grandfather was bald and most of my family members have thin amount of hair. Anyway, I was prepared for balding. After all, it's part of life, isn't it?

However, it would appear that society treats receding hair line and loss of hair as something serious which warrants intervention, at a cost, of course. In fact, 8TV has been showing a series on Sunday evenings which talk about stuffs like this and how those affected obtained treatment with success. Most of the time, I remain sceptical about the claims of success. There cannot be any magic formula which works for all. But the number of treatments available can be bewildering to the uninformed.

TrustSource.Org is a relatively new site on the net which provides some reviews (actually, only 4) on hairloss products, one of which is provillus. Read it up if you are interested.