Tuesday, November 06, 2007
posted by PabloPabla at 4:43 pm

I am in a holiday mood. It's going to be a long holiday weekend and all the more meaningful as my sister will be getting married this Sunday. She will be married in Singapore and we will all be travelling down there beginning with a trip to Johor first this Thursday. It will be the first "overseas" trip for my 2 daughters. In fact, we just got their passport application done recently as well as renewing both mine and my wife's.

The last time we visited Singapore was more than 5 years ago (which was why the passport had expired) and we had a good time shopping there. We bought some cutleries the last time around and this time, we'll see what's on offer. Might want to get a nice plate so that I can have better food presentation for photo taking for my food blog.

Christmas is also around the corner and perhaps we might find some attractive christmas presents in Singapore. As usual, when you get gifts, you gotta make sure you get gifts fairly. Meaning, evenly distributed. Perhaps I will start by checking out for some ideas from shopping.com which has a fair selection of holiday gift ideas. That should help me save some time from browsing around aimlessly with precious time to spare.

Singapore, here I come! Woohoo!

Shopping ideas by Shopping.Com



At 11:11 am, Anonymous keeyit

There will be a nice Christmas celebration in singapore now..