Thursday, February 14, 2008
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I am still on vacation and blogging from a dial-up line (who else but Tm.Net) which is moving at a snail's pace. I learnt that Parliament was dissolved yesterday by the PM though he refuted claims the day before that it would be dissolved yesterday. So much for his credibility as a leader who espouses and promotes Islam Hadhari. I just can't help it but need to express my thoughts on the coming General Election and how sick and tired I am of the way this country is being governed.

Dear PM, when you openly declare your faith and claims that your governance would be based on the virtues of your faith, you are putting yourself and your faith into public scrutiny. I truly believe that you are someone who fears God and that when you took up the helm as the PM of this country, you were driven by the desire to manage this country with equality, justice, righteousness and fairness. I believed that you will bring about a change in how this country would be governed. A country which is governed by an open and transparent government and being accountable to the public. I voted for your BN the last round. Not this time.

What kind of changes have you brought to rid the police force of the black sheeps? Do you still remember the "nude squat" clip and the resulting commission which spent precious hours studying the police setup that we have in this country and their recommendations to improve the police force? And please, the "Saya Anti Rasuah" campaign is a joke because it is popularly known as "Saya N-anti Rasuah". Such is the perception of the public towards the police force. And why are the public not coming forward to report these black sheeps so that they can be brought to book? You should realise that the public has no confidence in the police force, the ACA and the judiciary. The whole system is in such a state of suspicion that people would rather just forget about it and move on than spend time making a report (if at all they don't get pushed from one police station to another) and making countless trips to the ACA and Courts to have the matter disposed off. When your enforcing agencies are not seen or felt to be incorruptible, you lose the confidence in your people (and investors too). A simple question you can ask anyone on the street is this - If you were speeding and stopped by a policeman for speeding, would you consider bribing the police officer or would the police officer hint "kopi" money to get off cheap? Chances are you will get a "Yes" or "Most Probably" answer. Then you ask anyone on the street in Singapore or Hong Kong the same question. You will see the difference in their answer. That's precisely because their law enforcement agencies are less prone to corruption. And I have not even gone on to dwell on the other civil service departments like the Land Office, Customs, Immigrations, Stamp Office, etc.

You said Malaysia is for Malaysians and everyone should be treated equally and have their rights protected as per the Federal Constitution. But why the unequal treatment given to any demonstration which goes to challenge weaknesses in your government or even the Elections Commission? If the police force is so capable of ensuring minimal traffic disruption during big events like CHOGM, Le Tour de Langkawi, OIC and others which necessitated closure of roads for a couple of hours to facilitate motorcades and other movements, why are they suddenly paralysed with fear of breach of national security when a couple of thousand people want to assemble to make known their feelings? I don't see any rational in the police force conducting road blocks as far away as Kampung Malaysia (along Besraya Highway) which is about 15 km away from the capital city so as to deter would-be troublemakers. The policemen were just waving the vehicles to pass through after making them sit in a 2 km traffic jam caused by their road block. I don't blame inconvenience on my fellow Malaysians who have a grouse to tell. I blame the police for their incompetency. And please, those businessman who complaint about their loss of business as a result of these demonstrations - I wonder if they also complaint about their loss of business during the organised disruptions? Why was there no aired interviews with people who support the demonstrations? Oh, silly me. Those were censored.

Your government machinery enjoys the use of mainstream media (MSM) to create propaganda and stifle information to the public. Let's not pretend this is not the case. How then do you explain the lack of coverage given to the opposition parties to make statements regarding how this country is being run as opposed to the coverage granted to BN? Perhaps the political need of yours have outweighted the need for fairness and equality. Would your God approve of your unfair tactics to further your political survival? (Now, before you readers think that I am bashing Islam, I am not. I direct this post to the PM as the head of the government and to his ministers of different faith.) Even ASTRO has joined the propaganda with a recent "advertisement" / short movie about how a chinese girl from a poor family wanted to further her education in a local university (but her dad was hoping to put her to study overseas) since scholarships are now more readily available to the Chinese. Come on! If you believe in equality and fairness, all deserving poor student should qualify for a scholarship irregardless of their race. This is Malaysia for Malaysians. It is not as if the Chinese have just migrated to Malaysia, the Indians have just migrated to Malaysia and the Malays (from Indonesia?).

How accountable and open is your government? Zakaria still has his palace in Klang despite the overwhelming evidence against him and public outcry. Your MPs from Jasin, Kinabatangan, Jerai and Sri Gading were still loudspeaking in Parliament despite the kind of words they have used (which in some country, would have been good enough a reason for them to step down in accountability). But alas, after all the years you have been sitting as PM, an open, transparent and accountable government you have failed to created. But a more divisive government you have allowed to flourish. A government which does nothing to stem and stop racial politics. Tell me, how would BN fare as a political party if all the component parties are dissolved and merged as a single entity? So, don't be a hypocrite and tell others not to dwell into racial politics when your three main components of UMNO, MIC and MCA are race-based with the aim of protecting the interests of the Malay, Indian and Chinese respectively.

Do I have nothing nice to say about you? No. As a matter of fact, I do. You seem like a nice guy and much more humble than your immediate predecessor. I don't doubt that the country has still managed its competitiveness to a certain extent vis a vis other countries in the region. But you have failed much when it comes to improving the core issues of accountability, justice, equality and fairness. And no, I don't believe what your colleagues say about having to vote for BN to ensure that this country sustain its competitiveness and growth. I believe that my fellow Malaysians are resourceful enough to make this country competitive and grow because of the talents that they have. My vote for the Opposition is to ensure that you and your colleagues do take us Malaysians seriously and make changes for the good of the nation in an open and transparent manner with accountability.



At 11:20 am, Anonymous Anonymous

*clap clap*

the exact same reason (and more) why I would be voting opposition as well.


At 11:24 am, Anonymous Adino

Very well said. You forgot to mention the erosion of freedom of religion and the extension of NEP.


At 1:10 pm, Blogger PabloPabla

klaw : There are too many reasons to put into one post :)

Adino : I can write 2 lengthy posts on that :)