Sunday, March 02, 2008
posted by PabloPabla at 10:15 pm

There used to be a trend amongst supporters of opposition parties to vote as follows :- the Parliament seat goes to the Opposition party (non-BN) whilst the State seat goes to the BN candidate. The rationale is that the Opposition can create check and balance on national issues in Parliament whilst the BN must work for the benefit of the people in the state. Judging from the performances of State Governments (except Kelantan) over the past 4 years, I think this voting trend should stop. Malaysiakini reported today that split votes could give DAP the heartache.

I think people fail to realise that a State Assembly which is devoid of a strong opposition voice can also result in misuse of State funds and power. Have we forgotten about the questionable Silk Road tour by Selangor BN assemblymen, the lavish RM20 million Selangor exco village or how state agencies could owe a municipal council RM15 million in assessment arrears? And for those in Melaka, do you really need costly ugly artificial palm trees to decorate your city? We are one of the largest producers of palm oil in the world and yet we have to spend thousands of ringgit (if not millions) to erect artificial palm trees with gaudy lights to impress our visitors. Somebody must have made money somewhere. Without an effective group of Opposition state assemblymen, your tax money could also be spent for the benefit for a select few. Do you think that by voting in BN again for State Assemblies, your tax money would be better used for all?

Less we think that the only expenditure is at the national level, millions are also spent at the State level and most, if not all State Assemblies were under BN's absolute control or with 2/3 majority. In Pahang, there is only one lone voice from DAP. In Selangor, 2. Do you seriously think that if Penang falls to the alliance of DAP, PKR and PAS, it will stop its growth (if at all it was growing) and regress? Not likely. Penang is far too important to the nation due to its strategic location and industries for the Federal Government (which is likely to be BN) to be neglected. Think about it!



At 11:14 am, Anonymous Danielykl

Yep, the Penangites are very KIASU lah! They want everything big and good but has to be cheap. They don't want to pay for it. It's time to break that habit or tradition. Penang people are quite prosperous compared with many other states so they want to play safe. they think they will lose it all if the opposition were to win the state election. But they forget that one day their decision it will affect the future of their children and the generations to come. STAND UP PENANGITES AND BE COUNTED!!! STAND UP FOR JUSTICE!!! STAND UP FOR EQUAL OPPORTUNITY!!! PROTECT YOUR RIGHTS!!!