Thursday, March 06, 2008
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I just read an interview which Kenny Sia conducted with Alan Sim, the SUPP candidate who will be standing against Chong Chieng Jen of DAP, the incumbent for the Bandar Kuching Parliamentary seat. Initially, I read the interview with an interest because it is not everyday that a candidate from the BN coalition is willing to be interviewed and baring his all to scrutiny. For that, I must admit he had the guts, and even much more than people like Lim Si Pin, who despite having papa Datuk Seri Lim Keng Yaik as his guide and mentor, has brushed off a debate with Tian Chua.

So, anyway, back to Alan Sim. He's a lawyer. Well and good. Then he can shed a light or two based on his legal training on certain issues which are close to the people's heart. One of which is whether Malaysia is an Islamic State or Secular Nation. This is a short snippet of the interview:-

Kenny: Ok, another sensitive issue again. Once again, you're given the freedom to answer or not. Do you think Malaysia is an Islamic state, or a secular one?

Alan: To me, that question has always been argued and things like that but life still goes on as usual. The more important thing is that we still have freedom of religion. You can still be a Christian, I can still be a Buddhist. We should not be too bothered about the argument about whether Malaysia is still a secular or an Islamic state.

Kenny: But personally you won't make a comment about that?

Alan: I won't make a comment about it. I know Tun Dr Mahathir has made certain statements to the effect that Malaysia is in fact already an Islamic State. Also, the Opposition are harping on it. But whether Mahathir made that statement or not, has any changes taken place? Is there any effect? I don't really think so. It's still the same. I can still go to my temple, you can still go to your church. More important thing is that we still have the freedom of religion. And Sarawak I think is quite special in that freedom of religion is really felt here.

Wah lau eh! Freedom of religion need not be mentioned, my brother-in-law. It is already something which all citizens know and expect to be respected. It is nothing special. It is guaranteed by the Federal Constitution. The issue of late is the confusion about whether Malaysia is still a secular or an Islamic state. It is something which many are concerned (with good reasons) with and has caused an unseen rift between certain sections of the public. It is a matter of public interest and the answer is either a yes or a no. And to my dismay, he avoided the question altogether. Not only to this question but to other seemingly difficult questions which he declined to comment saying it's sensitive. Typical BN style, don't you think so?

Currently serving his second term as SUPP Youth Central Chairman since elected in 2002, a Councillor of Majlis Bandaraya Kuching Selatan since 1999 and appointed Political Secretary to Chief Minister in June, 2004, I cannot imagine how he can contribute to debates in the Parliament on national issues when he can't even give a direct answer to a simple question. No wonder he was ridiculed by a majority of commenters including my scathing attack. We don't need another Chew Mei Fun in the Parliament. Whereas Chew Mei Fun is not a lawyer but she "thinks" we are a secular state, here we have a lawyer who dismisses the importance of the question put before him. State your stand and let the people decide whether they will vote you for the stand you are taking. By not making a state or opinion on something so fundamental, you have truly lost your credibility as someone who could champion for the rights of the people.

So, do you think Alan Sim will lose this elections? I verily believe so. Try again next time ;)



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