Monday, August 07, 2006
posted by PabloPabla at 4:51 pm

The Internet brings people around the world closer. With just a search and a click, you are most probably able to find what you are seeking for. Today, blogging appears to have caught the rage. According to The Blog Herald, there are at least 70 million blogs in existence as at July 2006.

Let me tell you a true story of how the blogosphere has brought people around the world closer.

I blog. This is my blog and thank you for reading. I also read other blogs. And when I read other people's blog, I will put down my comments if something interests me.

When I read other people's comments on other people's blogs, some comments interests me and I will find out who that person is by reading his / her profile. This may lead me to their blogs. So, I get to read more blogs.

One day, I found an interesting blog and decided to make it one of my favourites by putting a link to it in my blog here. I started putting comments in this interesting blog. I then became an on-line buddy to this blogger, who, reciprocally also links back to my blog.

We then started communicating through MSN Messenger and began asking a bit about what we do and why we blog. We also shared a little about what it means to be a Christian and our kids. This blogger is a lady and we kept our conversation decent. We were not interested in indecency, anyway.

Before long, as I browsed through her website, I came across a photograph. It's a photo of herself and her husband. Hmm...., the husband looks familiar. Another photo turned up and he indeed looks familiar. Just like my uncle. Could it be...? Nah! My uncle is married.

Curiosity got into me. So, I asked her whether by any chance her hubby's surname is "so and so". She answered in the affirmative. I then quickly asked whether the full name is "so and so". Voila! It is!

I've been chatting with my auntie! And I didn't know she blogs!

Well, I haven't seen this uncle of mine for a long time...5 years, I think. And I have only seen my aunt once so far.

Now, what is the chance of that happening to you? 1 out of 70 million??

I shudder to think about those who engage in flirting over the net...they could very well be flirting with their relatives or people they know! It would be very embarassing indeed and imagine the consequences!

Think about your actions on cyberspace...



At 1:32 pm, Anonymous Hijackqueen

You wouldn't know it's your father whom you are talking to at the other end. *ahem* *hug*


At 1:41 pm, Blogger PabloPabla

Yep! Don't play play on the internet!


At 8:28 pm, Blogger 5xmom

Hi, I was bumping around after your post in my food blog (about black beans?) and found this post. Very eye-opening indeed. BTW, also wanted to say that I admired your thoughts regarding the issue brewing somewhere 'out there' where you quoted the Beatitudes? Thank God for wise inputs like yours.


At 9:33 pm, Anonymous Jean


I came across your blog thru blurblur's. As I scrolled down this particular blog interests me.

Yes, how true it is. I prayed that all christains are able to stand faithful and righteous to the Almighty God.

God bless you and your loved ones.


At 10:11 am, Blogger PabloPabla

5xmom : Welcome! Yeah, I was reading with interest the exchanges in the "storm" out there. The verses just came to my mind (most likely thru the guidance of the Holy Spirit) and I decided to share it with readers.

jean : Hello jean! Glad you stopped by. God bless you and your loved ones too!