Friday, October 27, 2006
posted by PabloPabla at 11:35 am

Selected photos taken at Zoo Negara Malaysia on the 1st day of Hari Raya.

Squaring off

Seeing Double


Looking Regal

Jumbo Cane

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At 1:34 pm, Anonymous huZmid

What happen to the Fraser's Hill photos!!


At 5:46 pm, Blogger DrFrappucino

Hey u got good eyes for xclt pics! Keep it up


At 8:44 pm, Blogger Paris Beaverbanks

Great pic of the parrot! So colourful :)


At 10:13 pm, Blogger 5xmom

Hi! You asked about the button thingie?

Enjoy! In case the link doesn't work, let me know?


At 1:27 pm, Blogger PabloPabla

huzmi : Fraser's? Mostly photos taken at church seminar. I'll see if there're any interesting ones :)

drfrappucino and paris : Terima kasih atas sokongan anda ;) Still got lots to learn :)

5xmom : The link works! I will get it done when I'm free. Thanks!


At 11:55 am, Blogger mumsgather

You took these yourself? Very lovely and I like the captions. :)


At 12:30 pm, Blogger PabloPabla

mumsgather : Yes I did :) Whilst experimenting, I have "thick-facedly" set up a photo blog :P at Thru PabloPabla's Lenses for the fun of it!


At 10:34 am, Anonymous Hijackqueen

How do you rate that place?


At 11:15 am, Blogger PabloPabla

hijackqueen : Not too bad. The bus ride was frequent (every 2 to 3 minutes) and the trees were shady. The animals could be more but I guess the funding is too little to accomodate them. It's only RM15 per adult and RM6.00 per child for the entrance fee.


At 5:52 pm, Blogger team BSG

btw have u been to Taiping Zoo ? I was there over the HR Hols and their lions are truly majestic !

I do believe they r better maintained than Zoo Negara.