Wednesday, October 18, 2006
posted by PabloPabla at 9:50 am

Let me tell you a story which goes like this:-

There once was a man called Mr. X. His best friend is Mr. Y. Both of them have been best friends for a long long time. One day, Mr. X stumbled upon a Nasi Kandar stall in Jln TAR. It was the most delicious Nasi Kandar he had ever tried. So good that even as he was eating the Nasi Kandar, he was thinking of all the people that he wanted to tell about this new found Nasi Kandar stall. Next day, he met up with Mr. Y. This is their conversation.

Mr. X : Y, you know what? Yesterday I found the best Nasi Kandar stall in KL!

Mr. Y : Yes ar? Which one?

Mr. X : The one at Jln TAR. Absolutely the best in town! You MUST try it!

Mr. Y : Sure or not? I heard some people say it isn't that great.

Mr. X : Sure wan! Those people don't know what they talking. You MUST try it!

Mr. Y : I got my favourite Nasi Kandar lah. The one at Jln Peel. That one is very the good wan! I am sure better than yours.

Mr. X : No lah. The Jln Peel Nasi Kandar cannot compare to this Jln TAR Nasi Kandar. The Jln TAR Nasi Kandar is more flavourful.

Mr. Y : I think the Jln TAR wan is oily-lah. Some say it has too much oil. Some more, the chicken fried until like a piece of wood liao! My dentures sure cannot withstand that kind of chewing.

Mr. X : Who say? Jln TAR Nasi Kandar better than your Jln Peel one lah! Yours taste like curry from the tin can. Lousy lah. I wonder why you like it so much. Your wife's choice is it?

Mr. Y : Eh, you keep my wife out of this picture okay? Or is it because your mistress told you the Jln TAR Nasi Kandar is her favourite and you have to follow her choice, har?

Mr. X : I knowlah, you always kowtow to your wife. You are a chicken at home lah you. Can't even make your own decisions. Typical of your kind.

Mr. Y : Who is saying what? Your mistress is the blood sucking type. Can't even leave you alone and you are so compliant to her. You don't use your brain ar?

And so, the ridicule and name calling continues. Needless to say, their friendship deteriorated. Mr. X does not trust Mr. Y anymore and vice versa. Whatever Mr. X says, Mr. Y will retaliate whether there is any truth in what was said. Vice versa again. Name calling, ridiculing, criticising, you name it, they have it. This goes from generations to generations.

Do we identify ourselves with the above situation? No? Sure about that? Recently, there has been a lot of controversies and upsetting episodes in Malaysia regarding inter-faith matters. A search through the blogs will find a lot of name callings, ridiculing, criticisms and hatred. In the defence of one's belief, one finds no qualms derogating the beliefs of others. If you think office politics are vicious enough, you should read some of the comments made in so-called self-professed religious blogs. The amount of hatred the commentors have towards those who do not subscribe to their views are plain to see. Words reveal the inner hearts of these people. This is probably not just a Malaysian situation but I am sure, exists everywhere else on this planet of ours.

If Mr. Y had responded by saying "Oh really? I shall try it one day when I am free and see for myself" or "No thanks. I have my favourite Nasi Kandar and am currently not keen to try out other Nasi Kandars", things may have been different. And if Mr. X had not been so pushy and start ridiculing Mr. Y's choice or decision-making skills, things may have not deteriorate to that extent.

And all these deterioration of relationship arose because Mr. X wanted to share his new found Nasi Kandar with Mr. Y but they fail to accept or respect each other's reason to disagree.

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At 11:05 am, Blogger Anak Merdeka

I like this post!


At 11:15 am, Blogger PabloPabla

anak : Thanks anak! Actually, I got the inspiration to write as I was commenting in Minishort's post.


At 12:05 pm, Blogger Joash Chan

hey, interesting way of putting a message across. I read that minishort's post too, by the way...


At 12:16 pm, Blogger PabloPabla

joash : Thanks for visiting and giving encouragement. You have thoughtful and interesting blogs too!


At 12:31 pm, Blogger Wuching

blog wars draw hits so sometimes i believe its all fake just to generate hits. but i dunno also..whats at minishort's blog? i go see..


At 1:53 pm, Anonymous Gallivanter

Nice entry...I agree with Wuching, wanna generate more hits? Just bitch about racism or religion...There are hordes of suppressed Malaysians... :-)


At 5:05 pm, Anonymous Paris Beaverbanks

lol great post! amusing and to the point! :)


At 5:45 pm, Blogger blurblur

Yup, well written! :) I like this post too!


At 6:14 pm, Blogger PabloPabla

wuching and gallivanter : I wouldn't want to incur the wrath of God just to get extra hits on my blog, that's for sure.

paris : Merci beaucorp!

blurblur : Xie xie!