Friday, December 08, 2006
posted by PabloPabla at 11:37 am

According to an AP Report, Indonesia will sign a limited air travel agreement with 3 neighbouring ASEAN countries namely Malaysia, Brunei and the Philipines which allows for unrestricted flights to designated destinations in each of the 4 countries for nominated airlines. This is aimed at increasing the flow of tourists between the signatory countries and I think Malaysia will definitely benefit - which is timely considering that next year is Visit Malaysia Year. I am sure Air Asia and Malaysia Airlines will be rubbing their hands in glee on the prospects of increased destinations and passengers to the other three countries in the pact.

Whilst the parties are signing the Open Skies policy, I hope they, especially Indonesia, does not forget about the Hazy Skies annual policy which has been plaguing some of the members of ASEAN especially Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. I believe that their duty of care towards the general health and well-being of their neighbours is of paramount importance and ought to be given as much attention, if not more priority, than this Open Skies policy - which is more commercial and inter-cultural in nature. We do not need to remind Indonesia that the annual Hazy Skies caused by the open burning in some parts of Indonesia has caused considerable inconvenience and health hazard to the citizens of Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei, not to mention annoyance at such an inconsiderate neighbour. Of course, whilst Indonesia has lamented the fact that it has a difficult task of monitoring and extinguishing some many hot spots, enforcement must be on-going and those responsible must be made to pay for their actions.

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