Thursday, January 18, 2007
posted by PabloPabla at 11:16 am

Have you heard of Monster Cable? It's not some gory creature which you see on some horror movies but it is a well-known brand of cables. I first knew about Monster Cable when I was studying in my university in England and I was exposed to the world of AV equipment and hi-fi and different make of cables. Monster Cable was one of them. Lately, I just found out that Monster Cable even manufactures cables and such for car audio entertainment.

Your Electronic Warehouse, a giant of an internet home electronics dealer, was recently awarded the Monster Cable's E-Commerce Retailer of the year. That must speak volumes (pun intended) of their sales volume. Popular brands retailed includes Monster Cable (of course!), Yamaha, Bose, Acoustic Energy (their speakers are awesome!), Klipsch, Pioneer and Shure. One disappointing factor is that they are unable to ship outside of the USA as they are unable to process overseas credit cards (duh!) and their dealer license agreements do not allow them to ship their products overseas (which I think is the real reason rather than the former).

Nevertheless, for folks outside of USA like me, Your Electronic Warehouse stands as a reference point for product launches and information at the click of a button. What I would like however, would be a "comparison" feature where I could choose a couple of products and compare their features and pricing.

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