Friday, February 16, 2007
posted by PabloPabla at 10:21 am

Recently, there are some big money opps at PPP. The biggest must have been $1,000.00 to blog about some Rock Startup thingy. I don't qualify for that though because only bloggers who have blogs with very high ranking kind of google pr and alexa thingy will qualify. Wow! Imagine, a cool $1,000.00 to type out not more than 300 words! That's a monthly salary for many people!

So, what is this rage about someone who can make money blogging? Some "traditionalists" do not see eye to eye with bloggers who make money out of blogging. They feel that blogging should remain non-commercialised. Well, they may have their point but I guess it is just different directions taken by different bloggers. For me, my blog is about whatever. Anything and everything that comes to my mind. And really, some of the opps available in PayPerPost actually allows me to express myself better.

I usually only choose posts which I can relate to my life experience. The financial posts I choose actually allowed me to share my experiences of how I went through using credit cards as well as refinancing my mortgage. So, it is still relevant, just that I get paid for writing them. Why complaint?

Lately however, PayPerPost allows segmentation whereby the advertisers are able to choose their ideal bloggers to blog about their products or services. I guess if one is going to pay top dollar, it is fair that they get to choose their target audience and bloggers. I confess that I was one of the advertisers who used the segmentation facility. When I wanted to create a buzz about my food blog, I decided to restrict the bloggers to those residing in the USA and Europe because I wanted to share Asian cuisine with non-Asians. And true enough, after the exercise, I got some additional traffic from USA and Europe. The other plus point I find with advertising through PayPerPost is that the commission which they charge is on the overall, lower than those I have encountered. Hence, I have not tried advertising through other blogging for money programmes.

So, if you intend to see what PayPerPost has to offer to you as a blogger or even as an advertiser, do check them out. You can just click on the "sponsor" post below or the badge on the right hand side of this blog.