Friday, March 02, 2007
posted by PabloPabla at 3:15 pm

My second daughter is one today. Time flies. It was as if yesterday at this present hour when I was in the delivery room watching her birth. She was so small and fragile then (well, not exactly small 'cos she was a healthy 3.61kg girl) and today, she is so big and strong (10kg liao!).

It is really fun watching her grow (and no less fun watching her elder sister grow as well). It always bring me a smile just to see her sleeping soundly in the bed cot. Her antics are also really cute and one always get entertained. Hmm...I wonder if seeing her trying to walk and fumbling about is classified as entertaining??!!??

Anyway, we'll have a very small celebration by way of a birthday cake this evening. Nothing grand, just time spent with her ah kong and ah ma, ah chek, papa, mama, che cheh, kor po and kakak. She is going to taste cake for the first time in her life too. Mum said she was going to cook mee sua today to let her taste it as part of her "growing up" celebration :)

Happy Birthday Caryn!