Friday, March 02, 2007
posted by PabloPabla at 11:28 am

After a long CNY break, I am finally back in office.

Been clearing my mails and some correspondences the whole morning (but checking for emails and such as well). It's been a pretty good break and it could have been longer. Actually, I was back on the 28th and I went to Kota Bahru to conduct a trial yesterday. As predicted, or rather my sixth sense told me, the matter was postponed again as one of the Plaintiff's important witness did not turn up.

So, it was a long wait from 10.30 am till 5pm for my return flight. I shot off to the airport and bought the 3pm flight home. Still, it was a quite a long wait and I finished The Sun, The Star and the New Straits Times before I boarded the plane home. If only I could get a copy of The Moon (Harakah) as well. Heh! Heh! That would have kept me entertained!