Saturday, February 24, 2007
posted by PabloPabla at 11:28 pm

HealthAdel is a new site which strives to promote an easy understanding of health issues faced by many people. One of the biggest health problems faced by the world today is drug addiction and HealthAdel provides facts about drug rehab. This sort of information would benefit those who are seeking ways to overcome their drug addiction. Apart from providing facts about drug rehab, HealthAdel also gives brief write-ups about health issues such as the benefits of stem cell research, whether homeopathic medicine works and whether dental implants are safe. These issues are quite relevant and of interest to many. As HealthAdel is still a new site, it does not provide comprehensive information on many other issues. However, it is probably just a matter of time before other interesting health issues are highlighted on this site. I also feel that in order to convince readers of its qualification to offer these health advice, it would be better if the authors and their qualification are identified.

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