Friday, February 23, 2007
posted by PabloPabla at 10:37 pm

There is a new site on the net and it is called Eye Contact Guide. Calling itself the contact lenses consumer guide, it strives to search the internet for the best deals on contact lenses and delivers them to their readers. Updated weekly, they hope that their readers can find the hottest prices in one place, thus saving the readers the hassle of checking hundreds of websites themselves.

According to Eye Contact Guide, their goals are to provide the best deals for purchasing contact lenses to their readers, consolidate the latest information on contact lenses from across the web into one site and develop a readership of users. Over and above and in addition to finding the best prices on contact lenses, Eye Contact Guide also attempts to delivers the latest industry news and keep their readers updated on changes in the industry that affect them. The Guide’s next goal is to create a blog to ensure that this news is updated and stored in an easy recognizable form for its readers.

I checked out their site and was impressed with the information available on the use of contact lenses, types of contact lenses available in the market, types of vision disorders faced by people, helpful tips on nutrition and care for eyes, eye problems and diseases amongst other things. For instance, I didn't know that there are theatrical or crazy contact lenses in existence until I read about them in the Eye Contact Guide. Apparently, these are contact lenses which give special effects like gremlin-look contact lenses, spiral designed contact lenses and pink rave contact lenses which glow in backlight!

However, I think the Eye Contact Guide could do with more exposure to the different brands of contact lenses available in the market. A brand as big as Bausch & Lomb is surprisingly not highlighted by the Eye Contact Guide, which makes me wonder if they have actually conducted a comprehensive search in the internet for the best deal available. Perhaps, if there are any difficulties arising which prevent them from highlighting other brands in the market, the Eye Contact Guide should make a statement so as to dispel suspicion that they are actually a sponsored site by the four brands highlighted by them.

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