Thursday, February 22, 2007
posted by PabloPabla at 10:28 pm

Cisco is an internationally known name in the provision of networking for the internet. Founded in 1984, Cisco provides a range of products and services worldwide. One of the solutions provided is Wifi. The Cisco Unified Wireless Network cost-effectively provides superior wireless security, management, deployment, radio frequency (RF) technology and mobility to help enable real time access to core business applications and deliver enterprise-class secure connectivity.
Apart from Wifi, Cisco also provides video conferencing. By providing the necessary tools and expertise, customers can expect scalable and cost-effective video options for their organisations. Cisco is not all about Wifi and Video Conferencing, They also provide solutions for VoIP, Secure Networking and Data Centre.
With such comprehensive provision of services and solutions, business organisations would certainly welcome their expertise as a one-stop centre like Cisco would be able to meet their every needs. The VOIP solutions provide for businesses with as few as 20 users up to more than 1000 users whilst the Secure Networking solutions defend the company's critical information and security system against internet worms and such. Finally, the Cisco Data Centre Network Architecture provides a framework and range of solutions that address the evolving role of your Data Centre and allow you to effectively align resources with the business priorities.
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