Friday, February 16, 2007
posted by PabloPabla at 10:39 am

Today is the last working day before CNY holidays start. I will be away till the 1st March, 2007, spending most of the holidays in Kuching at my in-laws' place. I am looking forward to the hawker fare in Kuching really. My 4-heavenly-kings being the Sarawak Laksa, Kueh Chap, Kolo Mee and Tomato Kuey Teow. Just hope that the stalls will be open before I leave for KL on the 28th Feb.

Upon my return, I shall have to fly to Kota Bahru for a case the following morning. It's that same ol Kota Bahru case. The good thing is approximately 2/3 of the case has been settled. What remains is another 1/3. I just can't wait to get this case settled once and for all. Hope it will be a good CNY present then.

So, what will you be doing and going for CNY?