Friday, February 23, 2007
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I did this meme before but it was at my food blog. This time, I got tagged by glamourous Paris Beaverbanks (stop saying you are not glam, lah! too modest lah you!) and I thought why not I share the other 5 non-food related things about me. Gives me a reason and topic to blog too. So here goes.

1. I went to and studied in 2 Kindies, 3 Primary School, 2 Secondary Schools, 2 Colleges and 2 Universities. I got kicked-out of them, you see. So, that's why I ended up in so many of them.

2. I hate maths. I don't know why I have to study useless things like pengamilan, dy dx and things like that (which I have now completely forgotten). I used to have nightmares about them during exam time. Really! Maybe that's why I ended up being a lawyer instead.

3. I am fascinated by planes. Especially commercial planes. So, I never get bored looking at planes when I am at the airport or when a plane flies overhead. My childhood ambition was to be a pilot. That's why! So, now I bore my pilot friends by asking them about flying everytime I talk to them.

4. I have no clue whatsoever about the term "blogging" about 15 months ago. Absolutely no clue though I have seen this word surfacing in the papers. I thought it was some hi-tech thingy. I then found out about it and here I am, typing away at 16 minutes after midnight...

5. My favourite toy when I was a child was Lego. These building blocks are awesome and I used to spend hours playing them myself...imagining I was the next architect or inventor or something. I think I passed it down to my siblings and frankly, I don't know what happened to them liao.

So, there you go. 5 things you tak tau about gua. Thing is, this meme has been flying around so much, I think many people have done it liao. I shall give it a rest this time.



At 2:05 pm, Blogger

dy dx suxs when I was in Form Four. Add maths chapter one. I had a fat zero throughout my school years for Add Maths. Heh. eat orange kah?