Thursday, February 22, 2007
posted by PabloPabla at 11:11 pm

Susan Nattrass is an Attorney at Law based in California and she has got a blog. After two years as co-owner of spa Violet in Cardiff, Susan D. Nattrass has sold her portion of the spa. She is expanding her law practice to focus on forming and operating California and Nevada limited liability companies and corporations as well as estate planning for families.

After a two-year venture as an entrepreneur and business owner, Nattrass gained firsthand experience and a heightened understanding of the systemic impact of laws governing small businesses. She also understands the practical need to establish successful business practices. Nattrass launched spa Violet in 2004 with business partner Loraine Dale Hall an aesthetician. Together, they opened spa Violet in Cardiff and Nattrass successfully set up and implemented the current spa Violet business model. Nattrass sold her half of spaViolet to Hall in December 2006.

A member of the California State Bar Association and Washington State Bar Association since 1994, before opening spa Violet, Nattrass served for as general counsel for Yes Television, Inc., and as counsel for the Law Offices of Dougherty and Hildre for five years. In additionto her business acumen, she has over 12 years experience in Employment Law and the legal and practical issues related to Asset Protection including Estate Planning and Business Formation.

With her blog, Susan is now able to share her expertise with the public and has given some valuable advice on areas such as 10 Costly Mistakes Before Entity Formation, Privacy Matters, 3 Compelling Reasons Not to Start Your Business as a Sole Proprietor, Asset Protection Planning and whether one should hire an Independant Contractor.
Not many Attorneys are able or willing to part with their experience and advice online with the public as it eats up into their professional time. However, I think Susan is going in the right direction and is serving the public in one way or another. Of course, in the United States, it is perfectly legal to do these kind of services which in a way, is self-promoting and can be seen as a way to advertise one's legal practice. Malaysian lawyers have yet to come to such a stage where full blown advertising is done. Perhaps it is time indeed.

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