Monday, February 26, 2007
posted by PabloPabla at 3:07 pm

PayPerPost will be announcing some great news in the coming weeks. The thing is, these guys ain't saying what they have up their sleeves. So far, the folks at PayPerPost have not failed to surprise their posties and advertisers with their innovative ways to create win-win situations for all parties.

When I first joined PayPerPost, it was a relatively straight forward earn as your post kinda programme. Back then, they have an affilliate scheme where the referrers earn a small amount for every new postie recruited. They then came up with big badges to make the PayPerPost programme more prominent.

Next came the referrer programme with badges which can appear just after every post in a postie's blog. This enables readers who have yet to join PayPerPost to post about the post which they have just read and get paid for it whilst the original postie also gets paid. Simple isn't it?

Then, the opps also came with higher payouts. The biggest I have seen so far is $1000 for 100 words! Those with qualified blogs would be able to take up this opportunity. I don't. But it is quite common to see high paying opps nowadays which is usually tied to the advertiser's requirements. The more popular websites according to google pr and alexa ranking would require higher payouts. As for the advertiser, they now have a choice of whom they would like to blog about their services or products.

As for the new surprises in store, perhaps they will have a competition to see who can post the most number of opps within a given period. Or perhaps, allow advertisers to vote for their favourite postie. Perhaps posties with higher number of tacks or votes by advertisers would be paid higher per post. Or maybe, they will just give each outstanding postie a big bonus of say $100! Muahahahahaha! One can not predict what these guys are up to because they are simply innovative.