Monday, February 26, 2007
posted by PabloPabla at 3:02 pm

Thank God there's Air Asia to the rescue. I've to go to Kota Bahru for a trial on the 1st March, 2007 and I just found out this morning that the early morning flight on Malaysia Airlines is fully booked. Not even a business class seat available. It's kinda odd because the KL - Kota Bahru sector is not usually fully booked, especially on weekdays. I found this out when I was at the Malaysia Airlines sales office this morning and whilst waiting for my turn (the counter was really slow), I decided to check out the flight schedule using one of the computer terminals available. Imagine my horror to find that the next flight available is after 10am. So, I quickly opened another browser window and got myself into Air Asia's website and searched for an early morning flight.
Thanks to Malaysia Airlines' computer terminal, I was able to confirm that Air Asia has seats available at 7.20am! Woohoo!