Saturday, February 24, 2007
posted by PabloPabla at 11:55 pm

I realised from my statscounter that most of the traffic to my blogs come during office hour on weekdays. That set me wondering whether most of my readers access my blog from their workplace. I confess that I also access the internet from my workplace. I guess it is no surprise because studies have shown that many employees actually surf the net during working hours.

For employers, that can be worrying because they do not know what their employees are up to. It would be fine if research relevant to work is done over the internet but not when it is used to surf non-work related stuffs. Hence, employers could look into internet monitoring softwares from companies like Spectorsoft. Some of these softwares enable full tracking abilities like analysing data of sites surfed by employees and even having copies of emails forwarded to the employers. Basically, it is akin to the employer standing next to the employee and watching everything that the employee is doing. Such is the tracking capability of these products from Spectorsoft that Spector Pro (one of their internet monitoring products) was awarded the Editor's Choice for Best Monitoring Software twice by PC Magazine. Employees better watch out what they do whilst on the pc. Every keystroke could be monitored indeed!

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