Monday, June 04, 2007
posted by PabloPabla at 12:10 pm

I was pretty pleased and at the same time, kinda humbled to know that an article (food review) from this blog was featured in the Sunday Star (Metro Section) yesterday. Thing is, the food review was done a while back and some details stated therein has changed eg. Centrepoint Hotel is no more in existence and what stood there is now Tune Hotel. So, I hope those looking for Nasi Kandar Kudu bin Abdul would not start cursing PabloPabla if they can't find Centrepoint Hotel. I can't possibly be updating all my reviews or articles from time to time. Too many of them and frankly, I might have forgotten ever writing about them.

Anyway, having had this blog mentioned and url printed for all to see, did it bring a deluge of traffic to this blog? You'd be surprise to know that traffic is as per usual. Yup! Being mentioned on national newspaper does not bring in surfing traffic...unless it is something more controversial, I guess. So, if you are thinking of increasing your blog's traffic, getting mentioned in national newspapers does not rank highly or if at all important on the list of tips available.



At 12:44 pm, Anonymous azmeen noted the same thing after being pimped in InTech.

I guess Malaysian papers have rubbish net audiences.


At 2:00 pm, Blogger Wingz

Congrats brader!!! lei duck jor la!


At 3:44 pm, Blogger mumsgather

Oooh! You are femes now! Oooh! Lol! You get a better surge in traffic when you get a mention in 5xmom's blog than the star. Hahaha.


At 4:29 pm, Blogger

*blushes at MG's comments* But true lor, no bruff wan. Who wants a review? USD100 only, cheep cheep.


At 6:38 pm, Anonymous wuching

u r now officially a pro-blogger!


At 12:14 am, Anonymous ParisB

LOL I guess those reading the papers don't bother to read the online article. Its not like reading online when you can just click the link. In the physical paper you press press also you don't get taken to another site :D But good to be named in the papers anyway! :D


At 11:54 am, Blogger pablopabla

azmeen : Majority I guess. Perhaps not all as I do go to some of the sites if the recommendation is interesting enough.

Wingz : Now I am more influential than you! Muahahah!

Mumsgather : Yeah, she helped bump up my Hochiak site not too long ago! Things have never been the same since. : Yeah, cheaper than JohnChow and much better! You get cussed at the same time. LOL!

wuching : Ya kah? I didn't know that. So, what shall I do with my legal practice?

ParisB : People will think that some Latino fella had a great time with nasi kandar not knowing it's actually a cina man. LOL!