Thursday, May 24, 2007
posted by PabloPabla at 8:47 am

Oh dear! Just when we thought the worst is over and that we can now send both our daughters back to the Child Care, we were informed by the Child Care Centre that due to two other kids having symptoms of hand, foot and mouth disease, the centre will be closed for 2 weeks as a precaution.

Now we are back to square one - both daughters having to stay at grandparents house during the day whilst my wife and I go to work. However, the very reason we decided to send them to child care was because 2 kids is a lot to handle for my folks. Looks like we'll really have to juggle our time and leave for the next 2 weeks!



At 10:44 am, Blogger Wuching

do u have some horidays due to u? take a couple of weeks off & spend quality time with ur kids!


At 11:08 am, Blogger IMMomsDaughter

Ya, me oso scared scared of HFM. That's why we back up half day pre-school half day babysitter.


At 11:27 am, Blogger pablopabla

Things are okay now. The girls should be back to their child care centre tomorrow :)